About Me

Hi! My name is Beth Willis. My husband and I have been married 11 years and I'm a full-time stay at home mom to four kids. My kids are also "homeschooled" not in the traditional way that you'd think but they attend a public school online, so they're always at home.  Shannon- 10 years, Emma 9 years, Hannah 6 years and Ethan 2 years. They all keep me busy and on my toes but I love it! Photography, blogging and food are just a few of my passions along with motherhood.

I was born and raised in Seattle but am proud to call myself a Texan now! My family and I definitely prefer the sun over the rain any day! I grew up in a family of seven kids as the oldest child so I've got that take charge attitude. I used to be an extremely organized person until I started having kids- and then I had to lighten up so I didn't give myself an ulcer about the house always being clean and everything being in it's perfect place because with children, well life's just unpredictable!

I like to write about what I know so you'll find many of my product reviews and giveaways include  experiences from my own life. Thanks for visiting! Please leave me a comment. I'm always open for feedback about what you as my reader would like to see.