Thursday, July 30, 2009

Extra Coupons

I have started going through the large pile of coupons in my stock that I don't want. If you have anything you'd like to trade that would be great if you don't really have anything to trade don't hesitate to ask me for something on my list because I really just want to get rid of these as they are just sitting here taking up space. Let me know what you have trade, thanks!

Click HERE to download the coupon list (PDF)

(The picture I used here is not an actual picture of the coupons I have :) )


  1. I don't have any coupons to trade but can I have the canning jars one? When does it expire? You could probably send it with Mom in August and save on shipping.

  2. I'm not next to the coupons right now Laura but I'll check on the expiration date and yes I'll just send it with mom.