Thursday, July 16, 2009

Kellogg's $10 Rebate and Dell $70 Coupon Code

I haven't done this one yet but just went through the Albertsons ad and my coupons and decided I'm going to next time I head to the store.

I bought the Special K Bars at Albertsons last week (on their mix and match sale with coupons I actually got them for free) and LOVE them! So I was trying to figure out a way I could get more for cheap :).

Special K Bars- (4) these are on sale for $1.88 each at Albertsons if you buy 5 Kellogg items. I also have 2 manufacture coupons for these from last Sunday's paper 7/12 for $1/2. I plan on using two doublers from the Albertsons ad on these items. TOTAL PRICE: $3.52 or $0.88 a box

Raisin Bran- (1) these are included in the Albertsons Kellogg sale (this will be my fifth item) so each item is $1.88. I have a printable coupon for $1.00 off one box. Going to use a doubler coupon on this (I know I already used the two from the ad but I have 3 from last Sunday's paper 7/12 and I've been told I should be able to use all 5 doublers in one transaction since they have different barcodes) so this item should come out to -12 cents (they do all my coupons at the end and in the past have let me do the overage because they don't pay attention to the price of the actual item.

Frosted Mini Wheats- (4) if I buy five more items I can get these for $1.88 also and for the Kellogg rebate I have to buy a total of 10 items. For this one I have a coupon for $1.50/2 (I have two of these coupons). These total out to be $4.52 or $1.13 each.

Special K Bars- (1) of course I want more of these and found another online printable coupon for $.75/1 and these are also included in the sale again at $1.88 each. I am going to use another doubler on this (since I should be able to use a total of 5 in one transaction) for a final price on this of $.38.

TOTAL: $8.30


TOTAL: -1.70

The Kellogg and Dell Rebate form can be found HERE

Click on the picture in the bottom right hand corner that says $80 in savings and it will direct you to register at Kellogg's site then give you the PDF link to download the rebate form. This rebate will send you a $10 check and a $70 coupon code from Dell. All 10 Kellogg items have to be purchased in one transaction and you have to send in 10 proofs of purchase and your original store receipt.

The above items are the ones I choose. The sale in store right now is $1.88 each for every 5 you buy- on Kellogg's Cereal or Snack Bars- you can get any combination you want but for the Kellogg Rebate you have to buy 10 items.

If they don't let me use 4 doublers together (which they should because they did a couple days ago- 2 from the ad and one from the Sunday paper RedPlum insert) it will be an additional $1.75 out of pocket and then I will not have a gain on the rebate but it's still a good deal (I won't be making money) but they still are paying be to buy their products.


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