Sunday, February 7, 2010

Dreyer's Ice Cream- Safeway

I'm pretty sure this price and promo are over now (only yesterday) but we did get a pretty good deal that I had to share. The Dreyer's Ice Cream was on sale at Safeway for $2.49 but there was a limit of 2. There were coupons in one of the Sunday paper inserts these last couple of weeks (can't remember which one) but my mom went and purchased a set of these coupons on EBay. They were for $1 off one thing of Dreyer's Ice Cream. My mom picked upa few yesterday afternoon and then Emily and I went shopping at 11pm last night and bought 12 more! :) There was only one checker in the entire store so we kept getting our ice cream and going back through the line (I think he thought we were pretty weird and funny at the same time- but he didn't care he just said, "so you really like ice cream" LOL. We each made three trips through the line and we did have couple more coupons but we decided we were done. Each set of 2 cost us a total of $2.98 with the sale and the coupons so $1.49 for each container of ice cream. I think they'll have plenty of ice cream at my parent's house for a while! :)


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