Monday, March 29, 2010

I RARELY pay full price for anything these days...

Just so you know couponing isn't just all about groceries! :)

Last week Shannon's school was having their book fair during conferences and everything was Buy One Get One Free so I popped over there real quick grabbed 4 books for a little less then $10 for the girl's Easter Baskets. You can't even get 3 of those numbered reader books at Walmart for that much (those are the cheapest books I know to compare to- they are $3.50 a piece).

Both Shannon and Emma also had birthday parties to attend on Saturday so they needed presents. Normally in my mind for a birthday party you should spend anywhere from $10-20 on a gift but when you can get the same gift for less, why not?! We stopped in Wal-Mart where they had My Little Ponies on sale for $5 each and I had a Buy One Get One Free coupon so we grabbed one for each party at $2.50 each. Then we ran over to Fred Meyer were they were having some good deals on a few things for Easter Baskets and grabbed two Barbies for $2.99 each. So the girls took a Barbie and a My Little Pony to their parties. I also as sneakily as I could grabbed two extra Barbies and a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse UNO game that was also on sale for $2.99 to put in what I call my "secret treasure box" - used as a reward for the girls doing chores and different things on our ticket system that they can turn in so many and pick something out of the box. There's also some My Little Ponies and an electronic Pet Shop game in there from some other great sales and deals I've gotten over the last few months.

And my last example... today I was in need of some new Mary Kay makeup (my mineral powder, concealer and lipstick). After pricing it all out on the Mary Kay site with tax it was going to be about $44. So I went over to Ebay to check out their stock and prices and found everything I needed for almost $15 less!


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