Tuesday, March 2, 2010


(These are a few transactions that my mom did today)

(1) Charmin toilet paper 24 double rolls $15.99 ( - $4.00 if you buy with the paper towels making it $9.99)
(1) Bounty paper towels $15.99( - $4.00 if you buy with the toilet paper making it $9.99)

I loaded coupons on my Safeway card for $3.00 off both before I left home (this really should be done 24 hours ahead because I had to go to customer service to get my $6.00 back)

So the total spent was $21.88 with tax and then I got the $6.00 back so it was $15.88
I also received a $10.00 Catalina for my next order.

I did this again for Beth and she got the same things at this price and a Catalina

Regular price $34.82
TOTAL: $15.88 plus I received $10.00 for my next order


4 pkgs of Bagefulls at the sale price of $2.99 - $11.96
1 pkg of Safeway brand frozen peas and carrots $2.50
2 pkg of frozen popcorn shrimp $5.99 ea (I had one $1.00/1 coupon) $10.98

Regular price $31.44
TOTAL: $25.44 - plus I got a $10 Catalina

(10) Toaster Strudels and Toaster Scrambles @ $2.50 each $25.00 (I also had some coupons for toaster strudels totaling $3.55) $21.45 total but I just noticed that they did not charge me for one of the toaster strudels I ended up paying $18.95

These qualified me for the Catalina

(1) Lucerne sour cream reg $2.49 $1.99
Bananas $1.24
Cucumber $1.19
Green onions $1.19
Roma tomatoes reg $1.44 $.86
(2) Baby Carrots on sale $2.00 per bag reg.$2.99 $4.00

Safeway had some in-ad coupons for the next items if I spent $10.00:

(2) Tostitos chips reg $7.98 on sale for $5.98 then with the coupon $3.76
(2) Pace Picante Sauce $6.98 with coupons $3.98
(2) Lucerne Grated Cheese $4.98 with the coupon $3.98
I got a credit of .09 for bringing my bags

Regular Price $76.54
TOTAL: $41.05 - and I received a $10.00 Catalina

My purchases for the day would have totaled $185.27

All orders totaled $98.56

I used 2 of my $10.00 Catalina's so I ended up spending $78.56 and I still have one more Catalina to spend next time for $10.00

So the grand savings was $116.71 off of $185.27

Out of pocket total $68.56

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  1. Just so you know I am planning on going back to pay for the extra toaster strudel. My catalina didn't print but the clerk gave me back one of my others because he figured I knew what I was doing. Now I know why it didn't print the register thought I only spent $22.50.