Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Red Box Movies- FOR SALE

Recently I've noticed an addition to the Red Box machines- movies for Sale! Some of the boxes have $5 and movies and some have $7 movies. So every time I see on I check to see what they have in stock and I've even seen a few new movies in there- I don't know what qualifies a movie to go into the sale section, maybe it's been checked out a certain number of times or if it goes past a certain date, don't know but I like that they've started doing it. The girls have been bugging me for G-Force so I've been looking for that one. Yesterday I found Ariel's New Beginnings a Disney movie that looked really cute but not one I'm willing to pay $20 for and with Disney it's hard to find anything below that price unless it's the first few days of the movie's release. So I grabbed that one for $5 yesterday. The only downfall is that it comes in the regular Red Box case so I'm going to have to switch cases or write on it so it doesn't accidentally get returned to the Red Box :)


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