Tuesday, August 10, 2010

School Shopping!

Yesterday we won an Old Navy Coupon for $50 off of $100 purchase and the kids have been needing a few little things for school (they are pretty set for most things but there were a few little things they needed) It’s situations like these where I truly love shopping sales and using coupons!

TOTAL SPENT: $46.53 (including tax)

TOTAL SAVED: $75.23 (including tax)

Shannon’s School Clothes: $18.75

(Regular Price $47.35)


Sweater: $19.50


T-Shirt $6.50- Sale Price 2 for $10


Leggings $8.50- Sale Price 2 for $10


Leggings $8.50- Sale Price 2 for $10


Socks $1.45- Sale Price 5 for $5

- 3 Pairs of Socks (2 White - 1 Red)

Emma’s School Clothes: $23.75

(Regular Price $63.85)


Sweater $19.50


T-Shirt $6.50 – Sale Price 2 for $10


Pants $16.50 – Sale Price $10


Leggings $8.50- Sale Price 2 for $10

Leggings $8.50- Sale Price 2 for $10


Socks $1.45 each- Sale Price 5 for $5

- 3 Pairs of Socks (2 White – 1 Hot Pink)

I also won this really cute dress pattern the other day and we decided to make the girls each a dress for school (it’s a whole bunch of different pieces of fabric pieced together for the skirt so we were able to use a whole ton of scraps we already had and only had to pick up a little bit at the store- we spend $12.55 there this morning for 2 dresses, some ribbon for the girls hair and some jean patches and appliques to fix 2 pairs of Jeans that Emma had.

So for a total of $59.08 my two girls got the following for school:

2 Sweaters

4 Pairs of Leggings

2 T-Shirts

6 Pairs of Socks

2 Dresses

1 Pair of Pants

2 Pairs of Jeans (fixed)

Ribbon for their Hair

Tennis Shoes (we won these for Shannon about a month ago)

LOTS of bows (I think I’ve won at least 10 in the last couple months)

A lunchbox (won)

A reusable sandwich bag for Shannon’s lunchbox (won)

Now we just need to win Emma some tennis shoes :) and grab our school supply list (we got backpacks at the end of the school year last year for $3.50 on sale) and we’ll be set!


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  4. Wow great win! Lots of great deals. I did a huge shop 2 weeks ago at Old Navy for my son, and got tons of things...love them!