Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lengthening your Kids Jeans with that Cute Boutique Look!

I'm not an extremely crafty person, but I do have a mom who is great at sewing and a sister who is always making her kids all kinds of things and has an Etsy shop here where she sells really cute things!

I decided this year instead of buying my kindergartner all new pants for school I would just try and lengthen her jeans with some ribbon on the bottom. I love that they have elastic inside jeans now because my skinny little kids can wear the same jeans forever but they having being growing vertically so I found my kids walking around with high waters. I went searching around the internet- you've got to love Google and all those crafty blogs out there- to find a way to attach ribbon to the bottom correctly. After searching and thinking about it I decided that it would probably get wet, dirty and torn fairly easily if I decided to go in that direction, so instead I found a tutorial for adding fabric in the middle of the leg of the jeans that would allow you to keep the original hem at the bottom. We just happened to have a huge bag of scrap fabric laying around so I grabbed a few different pieces and gave it a try- and even though I did need some assistance in threading the sewing machine from my mom I actually completed this project all by myself!

It was pretty easy and definitely a cheap project since it required very little fabric and we already had it sitting around. The tutorial was a bit more complicated cutting all kinds of different pieces of fabric and sewing those little squares together, it also called for interfacing. The blue and red fabric I used was heavier and didn't require the interfacing and the yellow polka dot fabric I just decided to double and sew together to make thicker since I didn't have interfacing.

(I wish I had gotten a picture of my daughter but she looked so cute the next day when she wore her yellow pants and I found a bow in our huge stash that matched the fabric perfectly!)

Here's the link to the tutorial if you're interested in making these cute jeans!


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