Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Motherboard {A Million Women Strong}

The Motherboard, a groundbreaking digital network from the Meredith Corporation that invites moms to join a national conversation about the topics that are most important to them – from managing family life to balancing a budget, eating right to shopping on a shoestring and more.  The Motherboard is all about moms helping other moms make their lives a little easier.  And mothers from New York to California and everywhere in between are jumping on board; The Motherboard just launched this year and its membership is already more than one million moms strong!


What Moms Are Thinking Now…

Get Organized!

Did you know that getting organized is one of the top priorities for moms this winter?  A new Motherboard poll shows 22% of moms find the kitchen the most challenging room to keep tidy and the home office is a major clutter-zone for 12%.  But never fear, The Motherboard moms have some great secret weapons for battling the mess:

· Sort it out! Use pretty baskets and bins and even storage ottomans – they’re a great way to both organize and decorate.  (If you’d like some suggestions of attractive, affordable and convenient products to get the organizational ball rolling, we’d be happy to pass them along.)

· Trash it! If you don’t need it, toss it.  Donating to charity is the favorite way of 59% of moms to get rid of unwanted items

· Outrun it! Don’t let the piles overrun you – try to do a little every day, it makes a big difference

Cut Costs!

Moms are fairly optimistic about their financial outlook for 2011, with 47% reporting they feel pretty good even though they acknowledge there may be some economic bumps to navigate.  Among The Motherboard moms’ strategies for cutting costs and saving money are:

· Clip it! Cut those coupons and read those store flyers to make the most of weekly sales and bargains

· Cook it! Entertain at home instead of going to a restaurant.  Plan a menu, make a list and stick to it – and your budget

· Do it! Fitness can be free and  fun with activities such as an after-dinner walk, pitching horseshoes, biking and more that also help families stay in shape together – no gym membership required

· Look for it! Search out the best deals on local zoos, performances, cultural events and other free or low-cost entertainment options

Chew on This!

Healthy eating is a top priority of The Motherboard moms for 2011.  However, moms report some of the biggest obstacles they face in making the move to eating right as a family are the expense of purchasing healthier options (56%), the time needed to make healthy meals (42%) and the challenge of making good-for-you foods appealing to picky eaters (41%).  Some of their “tastiest” solutions include:

· Stock it! Keep your fridge full of healthy snacks so kids (and parents) can just grab and go

· Compile it! Put together a book of healthy – yet yummy – recipes so the answer to “What’s for dinner?” is always close at hand

· Hide it! Sneak nutrition into kids’ favorite dishes by adding diced or pureed vegetables to sauces, soups and more

· Make it One Pot! A great way to save time and eat right is to whip up a big batch or chili, stew or even a stir-fry

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