Monday, January 17, 2011

Zene’s Artistry {Handmade with Love Sponsor}



Zene's Artistry features handmade cards made with love, at a reasonable price. 

I am Zene, and I LOVE making cards, as well as crafting in many other forms.  My belief is that you should be able to purchase high quality handmade cards without having to pay an arm and a leg for them. 

I love making cards, whether I am making one special card or mass producing one special design!

Card designs include but are not limited to: Valentines, Thank you, Happy Birthday, With Sympathy, Baby, Shower, Bridal, Wedding, Christmas, Etc. 

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This months featured cards are Valentines! As a mother and preschool teacher, I just hate seeing those gross boxed character valentines, so I created my own! The most popular are the Cupcakes.  This year I've created a few new designs that will surely please even the most picky valentine connoisseur. Class sets are $7.00 for 20-31 cards.  Envelopes are not included.  Personal requests are more than welcome!

You can find more designs at Zene’s Artistry Blog and Facebook page

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