Monday, March 14, 2011

How to French Braid

I have three little girls so I’m always looking for cute new hairstyle ideas. It seems like their hair is always in their faces and a mess when I just let it down and don’t do anything. (Even then sometimes they still come home from school looking very disheveled when it is done- I’m not sure they are doing at school but I’ve been convinced that ever since they started preschool they roll around on the floor or something, LOL.) I’ve always wanted to learn how to  French Braid and have read countless things and watched countless videos online and just haven’t “got” it. I don’t know if my girl’s hair is different now, or if I finally just “got it” but I have to share the video with you that helped me learn how to French Braid! It’s from Adopt a ‘Do Cute Girls Hairstyles blog. Besides this being a great video she has TONS of really cute hairstyles on there!

Be sure to head over to Adopt a ‘Do and check out all the cute hairstyle ideas!

(I was going to take a picture of my five year old daughter’s hair today but I just looked over at her and one of her braids is completely out and the other is looking a big sad- yes she just got home from school and is now laying in her dad’s recliner.)


  1. OH thank you! I've got 3 girls too, and was needing to learn french braid :) One of those things I just never bothered learning before.

  2. I really wish I knew could figure out a way to french braid my own hair! I can braid other peoples but not mine lol

  3. Amber that is what inspired me to actually figure it out, those people who can French Braid their own hair- well that's just amazing- don't think I'll ever get that one down but I'm content with just being able to do it.