Friday, April 1, 2011

Nutrisystem #NSNation {Week 8}

I’ll just start off with the fact that I’m excited I didn’t gain weight this week! I’ve spent the last 6 days on vacation. The first two driving to see my sister’s new baby which included eating some junk in the car because while we were stranded on the road for 1 1/2 hours waiting for a tow truck and the last four days in Orlando on vacation, just my husband and I. It has all been great but I was sure I’d have a weight gain this week. I tried to bring as many of my foods as I could and stay on plan as much as I could however I knew I’d be eating all my dinners out. So I’m happy to say that not only did I not gain anything this week but I made awesome food choices combined with a lot of walking around and time in the resort fitness center has be down 0.3lbs for this week!

bottleRight before I left I received my new Nutrisystem water bottle- so big it holds 32oz of water. Which means you only need to drink two of these to get your daily water intake. It was perfect for use on my 5 hour plane rides. (Couldn’t take it through security but I did fill it up on the other side and saved myself some money too.) Breakfasts this week consisted of Nutrisystem Blueberry and Double Chocolate Muffins with a banana- I had a really hard time finding dairy/protein to fit in. Then I got to eat chocolate for lunch with my bars (plus a salad I picked up here and there- on occasion I had to substitute fruit but figured it was better then nothing)- which was great because walking around Disney World a few days my husband decided to eat a lot of ice cream sandwiches and I didn’t feel like I was missing out because I’d already had my chocolate!

I also came home from vacation to this cute little bear waiting for me! I tried hiding it but my 2 1/2 year old decided it was hers and has stolen it Smile 

P1030142  P1030141

So I’ll say I’m feeling great after this week and hope everyone has a great weekend!

Start Weight: 152.5

Week 1: 148.7 (3.8lb loss)

Week 2: 146.3 (2.4lb loss)

Week 3: 146.1 (0.2lb loss)

Week 4: 145.5 (0.6lb loss)

Week 5: 144.4 (1.1lb loss)

Week 6: 143.9 (0.5lb loss)

Week 7: 142.0 (1.9lb loss)

Week 8: 141.7 (0.3lb loss)

TOTAL LOST: 10.8 lbs.

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