Friday, May 6, 2011

CSN {Review}

Have I told you how much I love CSN stores?! Well if you’re a frequent reader of my blog you should know by now I’m pretty much obsessed with them. I’ve heard some people have Amazon obsessions- in fact I heard it on last night that she loves Amazon because she doesn’t have to leave the house, LOL- well I can relate that to CSN Stores. They have just about anything and everything you could ever need. I include Amazon in this posting because I do still have to use them- I’m hoping some day CSN Stores will jump on the ball and include more electronics however for now they do have just about everything else. If you’re a mom like me you will understand when I say I’m not lazy it’s just sometimes not worth the hassle of going out shopping and searching for something when you have to drag kids along.

So CSN was great and offered me the opportunity to review another one of their items. If you’ve noticed my blog has focused on fitness recently because I’ve been bound and determined to hit my weight goal before summer comes along. Well along with Spring comes quite a bit of rain for us in Seattle. We have our nice days but they are very few it seems. So I decided to grab a nice little piece of exercise equipment that was small and wouldn’t take up much space in my house. The 36” trampoline.

trampoline  trampoline2

My kids have been begging for a trampoline now for a while so when it arrived they were quite excited. Now I will say I kind of tricked them and told them we were getting a trampoline and they thought I was talking about a big one for our yard, so they were just a tad disappointed but my 2 1/2 year old loves it and I even caught my husband jumping on it last night. Don’t worry I’m not a horribly mean mom, we actually are considering getting a big trampoline for the yard so the kids just might get their wish. I’ve actually been eyeing this one on CSN Stores that comes with the safety enclosure and wind stakes (my parents had a trampoline and in a big wind storm we had a few years back it blew over the fence and we had to retrieve it from the neighbors yard).

If you haven’t checked out CSN Stores – or even if you have go browse their site again, I’m sure you’ll find something you just have to have.

Disclosure: This review is based on my honest unbiased opinion of CSN stores. I was sent product free of charge to review but was not compensated monetarily.


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