Friday, June 17, 2011

Nutrisystem #NSNation {Week 19}




Not going to make any excuses for my practically no change in weight loss this last week because I know I slacked off and didn’t eat like I was supposed too – so yep it was me. Really pushing that being able to get down to 130lbs by the end of June but I’m really going to try and step it up this next week and get my butt back into gear!

Just so you don’t screw up and eat like I did last week here’s some great

Summer BBQ tips for you provided by Nutrisystem!

  1. Bring your “BBQ-esque” Nutrisystem meal of choice Nutrisystem’s Hamburgers, Chicken and Hot Dogs are great on the grill! That way you still feel part of the BBQ eating festivities while staying on program
  2. Wheat rolls and buns this way you give everyone a healthier option.
  3. Following the guidelines of your grocery guide – create a garden salad with all your favorite vegetables with various dressings on the side. That way everyone can choose what dressing is best for them, but the salad also allows you to get in your add-in additions while on program. To make a complete meal, top with some grilled chicken.
  4. Grill some vegetables on the BBQ. Fun way to do this and to have the kids get involved, make vegetable shish kabobs! Then all that is left to do is toss them on to the BBQ and makes a great side dish (or condiment too!).
  5. Try to steer away from items drenched with BBQ sauce as this will only add in extra calories and typically is high in sugar and sodium.
  6. Make sure to have iced water on hand. Toss in some slices of citrus fruits (i.e. oranges, lime and lemons) or even cucumbers too. This makes it different and is quite refreshing!
  7. For dessert you can have your Nutrisystem Dessert with the group, but also have a healthy option such as fruit salad or fruit kabobs for you and your guests. The kids can even help out with making them

Start Weight: 152.5 (February 3rd)

Week 1: 148.7 (3.8lb loss)   Week 2: 146.3 (2.4lb loss)

Week 3: 146.1 (0.2lb loss)   Week 4: 145.5 (0.6lb loss)

Week 5: 144.4 (1.1lb loss)   Week 6: 143.9 (0.5lb loss)

Week 7: 142.0 (1.9lb loss)   Week 8: 141.7 (0.3lb loss)

Week 9: 139.6 (2.1lb loss)   Week 10: 138 (1.6lb loss)

Week 11: 137.0 (1lb loss)   Week 12: 137.0 (no change)

Week 13: 137.0 (no change)   Week 14: 135.9 (1.1lb loss)

Week 15: 134.5 (1.4lb loss) Week 16: 134.1 (0.4 lb loss)

Week 17: 133.3 (0.8 lb loss) Week 18: 132.2 (1.1 lb loss)

Week 19: 132.1 (0.1 lb loss)

Current Weight: 132.1

Goal Weight: 125 – only 7.1lbs left to go!

TOTAL LOST: 20.4 lbs.

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Disclosure: Nutrisystem is providing their food and program to me free of charge in exchange for blogging about my experience as part of the Nutrisystem Nation Blogger Program.


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