Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tile Twist Game {GIVEAWAY}




Game Description:

The board is made up of 81 tiles placed differently each time you play. The configurations and fun are nearly limitless. With such a dynamic board, you may only be able to move a few tiles on one turn, while on another turn you might be able to cross the entire board! Win by collecting points scattered around the board and getting the highest score before making your way back to home base. Each roll of the die creates strategic opportunities to make a path to victory or impede your opponents. For example, you may be able to rotate one or two tiles and open a path to more points or break up the path of your opponent, add a blocking piece anywhere on the board to prevent your opponent from reaching his destination, or trade places with another player to get out of a bind and race to your goal.

Tile Twist: it's a strategic game for family and friends...with a twist!

Company Description:

Tile Twist was created by Sharpano, LLC which is a family owned and operated company. Looking to break away from the nine-to-five grind of their daily jobs, three brothers met regularly to brainstorm business ideas. As lovers of games and lovers of their families, Tile Twist was the offspring of these brainstorming sessions.

Sharpano, LLC was incorporated in 2009 in the state of Utah, where the brothers live. Between the three of them, the brothers hold a Masters of Accounting, a Bachelors of Computer Science, and a Masters of Information Systems. Despite their educational foundation, inventing a game, taking it to market, and making a business out of it was new to all of them and not without its hurdles. Nevertheless, Tile Twist is finally here and Sharpano is excited to share it with you!

Rules and answers to frequently asked questions can be found at http://www.sharpano.com/rulesfaq.htm

ENTER TO WIN:Would you like to win your own copy of this brand new game? Games will be arriving from China soon right off the production floor! Head on over to Tile Twist on Facebook and “like” their page for your chance to win!


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  4. Just so everyone knows who's commented here- I am not hosting this giveaway but the company is on their Facebook page- so you don't need to leave a comment here you just need to like their page and they'll pick a winner.