Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Heelys- Get the Kids & Family Outside Moving! {Review}

I’ve seen Heelys around and I’m sure just like me you’ve seen kids wheel past you in the mall and wonder how in the world they are doing it. They’ve been a product that has intrigued me for some time now. I always wondered how you would walk on them when you weren’t “heeling”, well all these questions were recently answered for me when I had the opportunity to work with Heelys and bring you all the answers to your questions!

My 6 year old daughter has been begging for these shoes forever, I mean yes she’s like any child she forgets about them when she doesn’t see them but when she runs into a friend who has them she starts asking again. She was really excited to get to pick out her shoes and chose the Sparkler shoes. Pink and black with glittery rhinestones on the front and back side these are definitely girls shoes!

The Sparkler style is also HX2 shoe which means it has two removable wheels in each shoe rather than one, “making it ideal for younger kids and beginners. Not only is it said to be easier to maintain balance, but the HX2 also does not require as much leg strength to lift up your toes to skate. When you get the hang of skating, convert the HX2 into a normal pair of Heelys by removing the front wheel.” (Heely’s Product Overview


While Heelys is definitely a great outdoor activity and form of exercise for everyone- yes they even come in women and men’s sizes- I wouldn’t say they are necessarily easy. My daughter knows how to roller skate relatively well so I thought she’d pick this up with ease but even after a few weeks she still seems to be struggling a little bit. Luckily these shoes are a little different than actual roller skates in that she can easily stop herself if she feels like she’s starting to fall because the front half of the shoe is flat and without wheels. Heelys can also be used as regular shoes by simply removing the wheels and replacing them with the rubber cover included.

I would definitely suggest watching the great training videos, including a fantastic How to Skate video found here- it provided some great tips to help get my daughter started.

These shoes despite the addition of the wheels are quite lightweight but made of heavy duty, high quality material with a great sole. If you’re looking for a great shoe for your child to wear back to school I would definitely suggest Heelys. While I must make the disclosure that our school doesn’t actually allow Heelys with the wheels because it is said to be a distraction, they would be a great shoe for school without the wheels then just pop them back in when you get home for some after school fun!

Be sure to be safe when using your Heelys- you can check out the Safety Playbook HERE- 

BUY: You can purchase Heelys online HERE

Now check out this awesome video of my 6 year old daughter on her Heelys!

Disclosure: This review is based on my own honest unbiased opinion of Heelys. I was given product free of charge to review courtesy of Heelys but was not compensated monetarily.


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