Saturday, November 19, 2011

Disney’s Prep & Landing {Upcoming Release & Review}

Getting excited for Christmas? I know I am! And yes I know Thanksgiving hasn’t  come yet so you can yell at me all you want but the stores have all their Christmas stuff out and the radio here has started playing Christmas music so it’s hard to ignore. Christmas is definitely my favorite holiday and if I could get away with listening to Christmas music year round I would. So last night my girls and I watched Disney’s Prep & Landing that’s coming to DVD November 22nd to start the season off!


An All-New, Modern Christmas Tale To Add To The Family Holiday Viewing Collection!



Arrives on DVD – November 22, 2011

Featuring Two New Animated Shorts – “Tiny’s Big Adventure” and “Operation Secret Santa”

Prep & Landing is an adorable holiday story about a high-tech team of elves who ensure homes around the world are properly prepared for their visit from Santa. After working for a tireless 227 years, an elf named Wayne (voiced by Dave Foley) is upset when he doesn’t receive an expected promotion. Instead he is partnered with an idealistic rookie elf named Lanny (voiced by Derek Richardson) to execute a special Christmas Eve mission. While on their journey, Wayne and Lanny encounter unexpected challenges that push them to their limits and ultimately threaten Christmas for children around the world. But in the end, these two elves work together to guide Santa through a raging snowstorm in order to save Christmas.

You might remember Prep & Landing, which first debuted in 2009 as ABC TV’s first animated television special produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios,

Bonus Features:

  • Prep & Landing Stocking Stuffer Shorts:
  • “Tiny’s Big Adventure“ – The assistant to the North Pole Christmas Eve Command Center is trying to make a pot of coffee and in the process, accidentally ruins the elves' break room
  • “Operation Secret Santa” – Lead elves Lanny and Wayne are sent on a special assignment by Mrs. Clause (voice of Betty White) into Santa's office
  • Prep & Landing Kringle Academy Training Videos – Entertaining Elf training videos shot in Santa’s workshop
  • Fruitcake Factory/Spa Navidad
  • Welcome to Kringle Academy
  • Kringle Academy Equipment Training
  • Academy Do’s and Don’ts

About Prep & Landing:

In his directorial debut, Kevin Deters and Stevie Wermers-Skelton (The Ballad of Nessie), worked with Executive Producer, Academy Award®-winning filmmaker and chief creative officer of Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios John Lasseter (The Toy Story films, Cars, Monsters, Inc.) in the production of this film. Prep & Landing is ABC TV Network's first animated television special produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios.

Prep & Landing first premiered in November of 2009 and became an instant favorite with viewers when it emerged as TV's #1 holiday special.  It was also the highest kids rating (kids ages 2-11), for any primetime telecast on broadcast TV in 2009. Since its first broadcast debut, the special has gone on to win an Emmy® Award in 2010 for Outstanding Animated Program, an Annie Award in 2010 for Best Animated Television Production and a Visual Effects Society Award in 2010 for Outstanding Visual Effects in a Broadcast Miniseries, Movie or a Special.

MY REVIEW: I usually don’t have anything bad to say about Christmas movies because I think they’re all great and Prep & Landing has officially made it’s way to my annual holiday movie list. I actually didn’t get the chance to watch this feature when it was on television in 2009 so it was completely new to me and my family. I hadn’t heard much about the movie before sitting down to watch it so I was a little surprised when after only 22 minutes it was over. A bad thing? Not necessarily because it’s one of those you could watch on a school night or when you don’t have very much time. To extend our movie time together we watched all of the bonus features and added shorts- which were equally as good. This is a cute little movie about elves and specifically a group of Santa’s elves called the Prep & Landing team who go into houses right before Santa gets there to make sure everything is ready and clear, no creatures stirring, milk at the right temperature, enough room under the tree for the anticipated present, and the landing strip on the roof set among a few other  cute things. To my kids who are getting a little older (6 and 7 years old) it helped answer a few lingering questions in a cute way.

I would definitely suggest picking this title up on November 22nd when it arrives in stores and add it to your Christmas movie list!


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