Monday, December 12, 2011

A Few Hiccups {Giveaway Entries- Photo Book Giveaway}

Looks like the Rafflecopter widget I use for entering giveaways on my blog has changed a little bit and having a few hiccups. I have double checked everything though and it seems to be working so you can enter giveaways now. Please leave me a comment on this post if you have any troubles, I’d love for all of my readers to enter to win the Mixbook Giveaway- that I just posted today- this is a short one and will end Monday, December 19th so get your entries in quick!

Click HERE to enter the Mixbook  Photo Book Giveaway.


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  2. It still seems to be having hiccups...I entered the giveaway but it's not allowing me to enter my URLs and name. So I'm putting them here...I'm entered as Nadia.
    1. Subscribed via email:
    2. Facebook name: Nadia Powell
    3. Twitter name: nadsann
    4. Following via networked blogs: Nadia Powell
    5. Tweeted:!/nadsann/status/147349135492775936
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