Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Kick off the Grilling Season! {Insider Tips from Red Lobster}



RL_FFLL_RGBI’m not sure if you’re as lucky as we’ve been but we’ve been fully enjoying almost two weeks of BEAUTIFUL weather! That’s kind of a huge step for Seattle not to have seen any rain in a while and we are soaking it up with shorts, flip flops and the BBQ grills.

The Chefs and Grill Masters at Red Lobster- who freshly prepare delicious dishes all year long on the restaurants’ signature Wood-Fire Grills – are excited to share their tips and tricks to achieve greatly grilled fresh fish, steak and chicken.

Below are a few insider tips from Chef Michael LaDuke, Senior Director of Culinary Development at Red Lobster:

  • Know the Hot Spots. For even cooking, place thicker foods at the center of the grill, smaller pieces toward the edges and leave one inch of space between each piece of food.
  • Keep Proteins Lean. Select healthy, lean proteins to throw on the grill. By using leaner proteins it’s a virtual guarantee against flame flare-ups and makes cleanup easier.
  • Check the Clock. Steak, fish and chicken do not have to be grilled at different temperatures, but do have to be grilled for different times. Grilling time averages per side: four minutes for steak, five minutes for fish and six to seven minutes for chicken.

So grab those BBQ tongs and your meat of choice and enjoy a great family meal tonight or if you aren’t as lucky as I’ve been and it’s not quite summer yet in your area head on over to Red Lobster for that yummy Wood-Fire Grill taste year round!

Red Lobster - The Art of Surf and Turf Infographic


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