Thursday, October 4, 2012

Nutrisystem #NSNation {Week 10}

Week 10: Not as big of a lose as last week but I am still losing with Nutrisystem and to me that’s better than no change and definitely better than going the other direction. I’m hoping to soon get out of these 150’s and never see them again!


veggies-photoI’ve really been trying to focus on veggies lately. Lots and lots of veggies! My goal this week was to eat at least 7 servings of veggies every day and to keep things fun and exciting I also tried to eat something from five different color groups, blue/purple, red, orange/yellow, green and white. White was definitely hard because that usually meant a smart carb with a banana or a potato but still healthy foods I needed to get in and better smart carb choices. I ate quite a bit of purple cabbage this last week with a few blueberries and an occasional plum thrown in there. Red was easy because I love tomatoes and peppers and orange/yellow also meant more peppers. Green is probably obviously the easiest veggie to eat and the one you’ll find the most of- some of my veggie choices were cucumbers, lettuce and celery.

Starting Weight: 165

Week 1: 159.6 (5.4lb loss)

Week 2: 158.5 (1.1lb loss)

Week 3: 160.7 (2.2lb gain)

Week 4: 157 (3.7lb loss)

Week 5: 156.8 (.2lb loss)

Week 6: 156.4 (.4lb loss)

Week 7: No Change

Week 8: No Change

Week 9: 153.4 (3lb loss)

Week 10: 152.9 (.5lb loss)

I can’t believe it’s been 10 weeks. I definitely don’t feel like Nutrisystem is a diet. While definitely a life change you get used to it so easily when you’re eating foods you enjoy and when you don’t feel like you’re starving. Nutrisystem has definitely allowed me to feel full and make healthy choices!

Disclosure: Nutrisystem is providing their food and program to me free of charge in exchange for blogging about my experience as part of the Nutrisystem Nation Blogger Program. The opinions are my own and others experiences with Nutrisystem may vary.

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