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Nutrisystem #NSNation {Week 15}




Story2_ImgAWeek 15- I’m super excited this week to announce that because of Nutrisystem and hard work I’m SO CLOSE to 20lbs! Yes a 20lb weight loss, I can’t believe I’m even saying that. Part of me feels like uggh I can’t believe I even had 20lbs to loose and the other part of me is like WOO HOO 20lbs, I’m awesome!! I try not to let that first part get the best of me because I have four kids so of course I’ve put on weight and if I ever hear anyone say that loosing the baby weight after is so easy is going to get smacked! Smile

This time of year when the holidays start are my absolute favorite! My sisters are all coming into town for a few weeks and they’ve been planning for the last three months all these wonderfully delicious – foods to make me fat- that they are going to make. I’m definitely going to have to use some willpower to get through it but luckily there will be almost 15 people in our house so it’ll all get eaten up quickly! They’ve been pinning these yummy treats on Pinterest for months now and it’s killing me just looking at them but smelling them and having them within arms reach is going to be a whole different story. Thanks to Nutrisystem here are some great tips on Surviving the Season! Not all of these are necessarily weight loss related but they are definitely stress related and for me relieving stress means not eating or making healthy eating choices, yes I eat when I’m stressed.

Story2_ImgBSeasonal Success Starts Early

10 Tips For Maintaining Control

  1. Go to bed earlier – Get the rest you deserve.
  2. Pay all the bills tonight- Stop putting it off. Even though 'tis the season to spend, paying off your debts may be more enjoyable in the long run
  3. Just get that wrapping done - The first present is fun to wrap, and maybe the second, too. After that, maybe not so much. But unless you've got a stable of elves waiting to help out in your garage, just put on some holiday music and get to work.
  4. Be honest about the party- If you are dreading going to a social event, don't go. Seriously, life is just too short to get caught up in other people's expectations of you. Simply RSVP a respectful no, and enjoy some time to yourself.
  5. Break traditions- You don't like going to her parents' house four hours before dinner, so why do it? Change the traditions to make this time of year more relaxing for you.
  6. Take pride in your program- Don't feel the guilt other people will put on you. Let them know you are committed to losing weight and happier for it, despite all the goodies around.
  7. Write it out- If you find yourself getting frustrated with a person or a situation this holiday season, write about it. You can write a letter to someone and not send it, or even write a letter to yourself.
  8. Clean your house- Organization can help some people immensely. If your house is in order, then you may be able to relax a little easier while you are there.
  9. Play with the dog- Animals don't argue. When you throw a ball to them, they rarely critique its accuracy. Interacting with animals will lower your blood pressure; it's proven. You probably don't take old Rover out as much as you should anyway, so grab his leash and get walking!
  10. Breathe! It may sound simple, but most of us don't take those long, relaxing breaths that we should nearly enough. With all the hustle and bustle during these days, it's easy to get caught up in the frenzy. So make a concerted effort to stop, at least once each day (maybe on your lunch break, or while you're in the bathroom, or right before bedtime), to calm yourself and take 10 deep, deep breaths. In through the nose, down into the belly, and out through the mouth. Think of absolutely nothing as you do it, and you'll be amazed at how it re-energizes you!

To read the full article click HERE.

These tips are not necessarily weight loss related but they are definitely stress related and for me relieving stress means not eating or making healthy eating choices, yes I eat when I’m stressed.

Starting Weight: 165

Week 1: 159.6 (5.4lb loss)

Week 2: 158.5 (1.1lb loss)

Week 3: 160.7 (2.2lb gain)

Week 4: 157 (3.7lb loss)

Week 5: 156.8 (.2lb loss)

Week 6: 156.4 (.4lb loss)

Week 7: No Change

Week 8: No Change

Week 9: 153.4 (3lb loss)

Week 10: 152.9 (.5lb loss)

Week 11: 152.1 (.8lb loss)

Week 12: 151.6 (.5lb loss)

Week 13: 150.4 (1.2lb loss)

Week 14: 148.3 (2.1lb loss)

Week 15: 145.6 (2.7lb loss)

Total Weight Loss: 19.4lbs

Disclosure: Nutrisystem is providing their food and program to me free of charge in exchange for blogging about my experience as part of the Nutrisystem Nation Blogger Program. The opinions are my own and others experiences with Nutrisystem may vary.

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