Friday, November 2, 2012

Time Change Tips for Little Ones



As a mom I know I’m looking forward to the extra hour of sleep I’ll get at the end of Daylight Savings this weekend (November 4th) but that doesn’t mean that all my kids are going to go along with it.

Thanks to Macaroni Kid and Cloud B they’ve brought us some great options to help our kids adjust.  I’ll be highlighting only a few of my favorite points from their article so if you want to read the rest (I suggest you do since it’s a really good post) please check out their site HERE.

  • A soothing bedtime routine might consist of a warm bath, gentle massage, putting on pajamas, a light snack, brushing teeth, singing a soft song and/or a bedtime story.
  • Parents can dim the lights earlier in the evening and utilize cuddly toys to help slow down the bedtime routine.
  • The child may wake up early for a few days before adjusting.  Parents should stay consistent and don't start the child’s day before 6:00 am (new time).


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