Tuesday, January 29, 2013

PBS KIDS: Study Proves Math Skills Learned Through Online Games

As a a mom of four kids I highly agree with the article below from PBS. My oldest was reading at the age of 4 and now she’s in 3rd grade and reading at least at a 5th grade level. She’s also advanced in math and other areas. I have lots of moms ask me what I did to work with her so that she had these skills and was ready for kindergarten. I can honestly say that I didn’t work too much with her on my own but that letting her play on the computer when she was little on sites like PBS Kids definitely helped give her the boost she needed. Part of me thinks she is just naturally a little more advanced but that these programs helped her accelerate. I believe it’s important for kids to get the exercise they need and not have too much screen time but I don’t believe in limiting screen time. I believe in balanced physical exercise and screen time.

In an eight-week summer program implemented by WestEd, families participated in weekly parent meetings where they learned about available PBS KIDS math games and other hands-on learning activities they could easily do at home with their children.  Parents were encouraged to use the Ready To Learn collection of PBS KIDS cross-platform activities with their children at home for 30 minutes a day, four days a week. The project examined whether playing PBS KIDS “transmedia suites” (digital games that span platforms and are connected by storyline and curricular goals) can help families enhance their children's early math skills. Together, parents and children played online and mobile versions of games like Huff Puff-a-TronMeatball Launcher, and Weather Surprise.

The study showed that children who were exposed to Ready To Learn’s content featuring PBS KIDS transmedia suites and related support materials outscored their comparison group peers on the Test of Early Mathematics Ability, a widely used measure of young children’s mathematics learning.

You can read the rest of the article HERE and be sure to check out the activities and games available at PBS Kids.



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