Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Birthday Cake Pancakes

Today is my daughter’s 8th birthday! My kids are growing up way too fast. So in celebration I decided to do something fun and make her these Birthday Cake Pancakes that I’ve been eyeing for a while now. While they are fun for a birthday you definitely don’t need the excuse of a birthday to make these.


You can find the recipe for Birthday Cake Pancakes HERE.

I’m not typically a fan of icing and we just used powdered sugar and milk mixed together because we didn’t have any whipping cream like the recipe called for. All the icing of course just slipped off the warm pancakes but they were still yummy. And of course she went sprinkle crazy. Oh we also didn’t have a yellow cake mix- I know sometimes I take on these grand ideas without making sure we have everything first, heck what am I saying sometimes I do it most of the time but usually the crazy thing is that I do plan it and look at the ingredients and then I guess just kind of assume we have things, oh well it worked. So instead of making the homemade yellow cake mix we just used a rainbow chip cake mix we had – close enough and it added extra sprinkles to it.


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