Saturday, October 19, 2013

Pleygo {Lego Rental Service}

We’ve now received our first and second shipments from Pleygo – a fun Lego Rental Service that I posted about HERE.

photo(21)My girls were really excited because they’ve been begging me for a few months now to buy this Lego Friends Cafe set at the store for them. They were a little disappointed at first when they found out that they didn’t get to keep it but after a week of having it at our house they didn’t cry when I sent it back, it helped that they were at school and I told them if we sent it back we’d be getting another one. I was definitely impressed with the first set it came in a nice box and the set looked practically brand new, with this being a new company I would be surprised if it was a new set and we were it’s first users. In fact we were a little confused with some of the directions because we couldn’t find a bag of separate extra pieces (I think they were all together in one bag) so we built our set and then before sending it back we stuck the extra pieces we had in a sandwich bag. I definitely had to be a little more pro-active of a parent with this toy because it didn’t belong to us,if it were a toy we’d purchased I wouldn’t mind the kids just playing with it on their own but I will admit I was more than a little worried they were going to loose a ton of the pieces and we’d be forced to buy the kit. Luckily Pleygo says that if you loose a piece it’s okay but I was thinking my kids were going to loose lots of pieces or get them all mixed in with the Legos that we already own. We had to go to the post office to send our package back but that’s because live in a neighborhood were we never see our mailman and all the mailbox are together and the slot to send mail is tiny, we have to do that with quite a few things we want to mail I was happy to see that Pleygo supplied a free shipping label and that we had to send it back in the original packaging- no extra cost for us.


The second set we received was still good but I wasn’t as impressed. The set seemed smaller (we are on the fan plan which means we get small-medium sets and I think this one was a small set where our first one was a medium set). The second set also wasn’t sent in a box it was sent in a padded package (it’s a little harder to keep these nice when you’re opening them to reuse them to mail your set back). The set we received looked a little more used, which is what I expected from this service. I think we just had an AWESOME first experience that the few little differences just made me think, but it was still great. My girls have loved playing with different Lego sets. I spoke with someone at the company who told me that they’d be growing and were hoping to quickly add more options because I didn’t see a ton on the fan plan that my kids really wanted to play with and I was concerned that we’d run out of options really fast. I’m also hoping to see them add some of the Duplo Legos to their fan plan so that I can include my 18 month old in playtime.   

If you’re looking for a way for your kids to enjoy some fun new Legos without having to go to the full expense of buying a whole bunch of different ones then you should definitely check out Pleygo.

Disclosure: A three month free subscription to Pleygo will be provided to me in exchange for this posting.


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