Saturday, July 25, 2009

Safeway 72 Hour Sale (Fri-Sun)

UPDATE: Well this was a great deal for me but Emily opened up her Cinnamon Toast Crunch and won $5- that's a $3 money maker for her!!

I know this is a little late but you could still run to the store tonight and grab this stellar deal!


Safeway 72 Hour Sale (Friday - Sunday)
Honey Nut Cheerios 2 for $3
Cinnamon Toast Crunch 2 for $3

These are the smaller boxes but still a great deal. I used 2 of the coupon you can print HERE (make sure and print it twice) and this coupon HERE. Gave me a total of $3 in coupon savings and my total out of pocket was $3 for 4 boxes of cereal.

After they rang up I received 2 Catalinas each for a free box of Betty Crocker fruit snacks on your next order. (We took our bags out to the car and went back in the store were Emma picked out Fruit Roll Ups and Fruit Gushers (I think it had to be under $3.39 or some weird number but it was any fruit snack made by Betty Crocker.) (You get a Catalina for a free box for every 2 boxes of cereal you purchase, that's why we got 2 coupons.) Our second transaction- totally FREE!

4 boxes of cereal and 2 boxes of fruit snacks for a total of $3- what a great deal!


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