Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sugar for Holiday Baking

October 7 - 13th

C&H Sugar is on sale at Albertsons again. It's included in a Buy $10 worth of items promo. $1.75 for a 5lb bag.

I'm having a hard time figuring out where I got the coupons I have but I know that they came from a coupon insert (not printable coupons) so somewhere in one of the Sunday papers from the last few months or the Red Plum mailed coupons. If you aren't buying any other promo items to get $10 worth of groceries you have to buy 4 bags of sugar for this deal to work.

(Use 2) $.35/1 coupon
(Use 1) $.65/2 coupon

TOTAL: $5.65 for 4 bags of sugar
Price per bag: $1.41
Price per lb of sugar: $.28

(If we get 3 doublers in this Sunday's paper this will be an even better deal- an additional $1.35 off making the sugar only $.21 a lb.)


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