Sunday, November 15, 2009

Weekend Deals 11/14

The QFC is Covington is closing their doors December 12th- I’m not too upset about it because we have the Maple Valley QFC (which is usually the one I go to anyway) but it was kind of nice to be able to have them all so close together in Covington. Saturday morning I got up and left at 7:30 and hit Fred Meyer, Dollar Tree, Safeway, QFC and Wal-Mart. I’m not sure if they are going to have any special deals going on at QFC because they are closing because they may just be transferring all of their stuff to another store but I hit the jackpot on Saturday! They had a few discount tables sitting out with medicine and organic items a few random things and Luv’s Diapers! I picked up 4 packages of Luv’s diapers for $2.99 each (original price $17.98) that made my diapers $.05 each!! I was actually in need of diapers so I was so excited to find them. I’m pretty sure Costco’s price is somewhere between $.21 and $.25 a diaper depending on if you buy Costco or Huggies brand. I also found some 9x13 Pyrex glass pans for $2.49 each (their original price was $12) I picked up 3 of these. 

I got some other pretty good sales and deals on Saturday but those were definitely my best! Later in the afternoon I picked up some more Sarah Lee pies and Breyer’s ice cream from Albertsons for $3.39 and Fred Meyer had some coupons in their Friday Seattle Times for 4 boxes of Duncan Hines cake mix for $1 (I had a $.55/2 coupon) and 2 Progress soups for $1 (I had a $1.10 off 4 coupon). Ronzoni pasta is also on sale at Fred Meyer right now for $1 each and there are printable coupons at for $1/2  which would make them $.50 each this is a great thing to go pick up to combine with the almost free Ragu pasta sauce we got this weekend at Albertsons. There was a coupon for Ragu pasta sauce in the Albertsons ad for $.88 and we found coupons online for $1/2 – which made them $.38 each- guess what we had for dinner last night. There was a limit of 4 on the pasta sauce so I just ran two transactions through with two coupons. (I thought the Ragu Albertsons coupon said it was good through 11/17 but it may have just been the weekend- you can pick up the Ragu coupon for $1/2 online at – just click on the Printable Coupons tab in the top right hand corner- there is also a Breyer’s one there and a few others.)

You can usually get the best deals when you combine a store coupon with a manufacture coupon and I know that Albertsons, Fred Meyer, and Walgreens for sure will do this. This week at Walgreens make sure to grab their ad and the Welch’s Sparkling Juice coupon in there (limit of 4 so you may want to grab a couple). We always have sparkling juice/cider for Thanksgiving (normally everyone gets  their own bottle). There was a $2/1 Welch’s Sparkling Juice coupon (looks like they aren’t printing anymore) that you can combine with this in store coupon this week and get them for $.50 a piece. If you don’t have the Walgreens coupon or don’t have a Walgreens to go to they are on sale at Wal-Mart for $2.97 which would still make them pretty cheap. They don’t have an apple cider flavor that Martinelli’s makes, but I’ve seen White Grape, Red Grape and Blueberry flavors.


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