Friday, February 26, 2010

Children's Place 15% off + FREE shipping

Children's Place has 15% off codes quite a bit but this one you can stack with a code for free shipping and get both!

Emma was sitting in my chair today when I opened the e-mail about the sale- she wanted the t-shirt above and I thought it was cool she wanted a shirt that said "I Have a Rockin' Mom" on it- how much longer is that going to last where she thinks I'm a cool mom :) - I guess she is still only 4 years old. So I grabbed one for her and Shannon $2.99 each and a pair of leggings for Hannah Miley for $2.99. Got a $1.35 off (15%) and my free shipping. For a total with tax of $8.74. That's as good as the Fred Meyer 70% off sale that I've been obsessed with this week!

And because I'm obsessed with saving so much money here's what those two t-shirts and leggings would have normally cost me a few months ago when the items weren't on sale, not having 15% off and having to pay the $5 shipping.


Use these codes at checkout and go checkout their leftover winter stuff on sale- not too many things and not too many sizes left but you might find something good.

15% off Code: SPRING22A
FREE Shipping: FSFEB2010


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