Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Another trip to Fred Meyer for me today! The first trip I had to go grab a new Fred Meyer Rewards card so I had the number on the back to register my card on Fred Meyer's website and load my eCoupon for the All Detergent. This second trip the eCoupon was loaded on and I was good to go! :)

(1) Challenge Dairy Butter $2.99 sale (used 1 $1.50 off coupon that I found in the Coupon Exchange basket by the front entrance- this Catalina coupon seems to be printing whenever you buy Challenge Butter- I'm not sure how it is calculated because I've gotten the $1/1 coupon when I purchased two in one transaction and I've seen a $.75/1 coupon in the coupon basket and a $1.50/1 coupon- so I'm not sure when it is printing which one but it's printing :) )

(1) Excedrin $4.49 (used 1 printable coupon for FREE Excedrin- to get this click HERE and on the survey choose any answer BUT Excedrin and a coupon for a free bottle will be mailed to you)

(1) All Detergent $4.59 (in ad coupon made it $2.99- used 1 $1/1 coupon from the link HERE then had $1/1 eCoupon loaded onto my rewards card- total $.99 for the detergent)

(1) Backpack $12.47 (on 70% off sale for only $3.74)

TOTAL: $7.43

A note on Fred Meyer eCoupons and how they work: I heard that if you put in your rewards card number at the beginning of your transaction the eCoupon and your paper coupon would not work together correctly, so this is what I did. I went to self checkout scanned all my items and selected that I had coupons. Then the attendant there ran all my coupons. After that I took my rewards card and ran it through the machine as I would my debit card and it took off the eCoupon amount, then I paid.


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