Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Every Little $1 Really Does Make a Difference!

I run another blog called Helping Fully Unite Father & Son that is in support of my brother-in-law getting custody of his son that he had been previously denied to see by the mother for the first 14 months of his life.

Things are now turning around for Brian and he is finally seeing and hearing good news in court - he has been granted visitation rights and we are hoping full custody here pretty soon. The situation is very messed up in that the court system takes a LONG time for anything to happen and the mother and her new husband (who is wanted in Utah and should be in jail) are not providing a good living environment for the little boy- who's name is Beckham.

Brian has been told he needs to come up with $1750 by next week for psychological evaluations so they can get that process furthered in his favor. There have been many wonderful people who have donated money, items for auction and giveaway on our blog and even a $1000 vehicle that Brian has had an offer on.

We are looking to help him raise $400 by next week and we aren't asking for much I was going over the numbers this morning on our Facebook group and the followers on our blog and we could easily raise the money if every person just donated $1.50 (since PayPal has it's fees). Thank you again for everyone who have been supportive through everything!!

Please head on over to our blog to see the CUTE pictures of baby Beckham!!


  1. I'm following both your blogs now! Thank you for following mine! :o)

    I'm sorry to hear about your brother. I wish nothing, but the best <3

  2. I already followed that blog and now this one! You are an awesome sister-in-law! I wrote a blog a while back called 'Children Need there Dad's too'. I have a guy friend who is going through pure hell because his ex-wife is so self-centers, selfish and has no regard to the damage and trauma she is causing the 3 children. So sad! I would haven given anything to have my children's dad more involved in their lives. They wanted and needed a dad, and got little but excuses. Again, so sad! I'm going to Facebook and donate. This is in my thoughts and prayers!!!

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