Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Please Vote! Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is my dad's birthday - the big 50 and what is he doing to celebrate he's out running 50 miles! Yes he's crazy but we always knew that- I just think it's awesome!! My sister entered a picture of him in the Bake Me a Wish crazy dad photo contest on Facebook to win him a cake and well since it's his birthday and he's just so amazing he totally deserves to win!! So please help me out and go comment on the picture on Facebook so he can win! (You have to "like" the Bake Me a Wish page on Facebook first to be able to comment) Thanks!!

Click HERE to see the picture on Facebook- just be sure you like the page so you can comment on it.!/photo.php?pid=4817313&id=56912770068


  1. Done! Hope he win..wishing all the best!

  2. New way to vote, on the bake me a wish blog
    it's picture 23 and 24