Thursday, November 4, 2010

CSN {Review}


CSN_Stores_Logo.gif Have you heard of CSN Stores? If you’ve been a reader of blog for a while now you should have because I’ve already posted one raving review on how much I love them and now you are getting the opportunity to hear from me again about how great I think they are and about the wonderful product they sent me this time!

I think I have a shoe obsession, either that or just too many kids that keep needing new shoes because last time I also chose a pair of shoes from CSN. I promise next time I’ll choose something else :). My two year old was in desperate need of a pair of black shoes that she would wear to church and with her new holiday dress, so of course I went to CSN for my shoe needs because it’s just too convenient to shop online. It’s way too much of a pain to try and take kids to the store to pick out shoes, for one they never want the shoes you pick out because they can see all the others, and I usually can’t get to the store without having to take at least one or two kids with me. When I’m at home shopping online from over 200+ stores on CSN, I can easily distract the kids from what I’m looking at on my computer so they’re just pleasantly surprised when their shoes come, which from CSN has been pretty speedy each time. 

I absolutely love the search options on CSN. I love that I’m able to narrow down products that are in the price range I want, gender, shoe size, type of shoes, style, color and even brand name if desired. I think after I narrowed it all down, and I was super specific about what I wanted there were still about eleven pairs of shoes for me to choose from. The first pair of shoes I really wanted actually ended up being discontinued after I put my order in but CSN notified me and I was able to look for something else I wanted. Luckily my first choice in shoes only were slightly different then another pair that they had in stock. (Of course if I had been paying attention better and for next time I will make not of this- that when I clicked on the item the status said Stock Status Not Updated rather then my second choice of shoes that said Stock 10+.)


Squeak-Me-Shoes-Girls-Patent-Mary-Jane-in-Black We ended up getting the Squeak Me Shoes Girl’s Patent Mary Jane in Black. They are a very basic black shoe that could be used as a dress shoe or an everyday shoe- very versatile. My daughter instantly LOVED them, and I say LOVED with all caps and I’ll say it again because she hasn’t wanted to take them off! I even found her in bed last night with them on. So while I can’t personally attest to their comfortableness I think I’d say they are definitely comfortable if she wants to sleep in them. Being the Wee Squeak shoes meant that they have a little squeaker in the heel. I think that’s my daughter’s favorite part too! She keeps running around saying, “squeaky squeaky shoes!” The squeaker is a little bit loud so I can see us needing to take them out for church but it’s easily removable. I do however love the squeaker for at home use because we live in a pretty big house where I’m constantly trying to figure out where she has run off to and being a 2 year old she doesn’t always answer when called. Last night she was trying to sneak out of bed and into her sister’s bedroom to play and she wasn’t having much luck because of her little squeaky shoes.

With the holiday season coming up I know I don’t want to fight the crowds in the mall or in stores so CSN is a great place for your one stop shopping with over 200+ stores and thousands of items to chose from! (I know I”m hesitant to shop online sometimes because of the shipping costs but CSN has many items that include free shipping and those that don’t are decently priced and I would say worth paying a few dollars for the convenience.)


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