Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Firefly Kid’s Toothbrushes {Review}

When it comes to teeth brushing and my kids we often have to watch them and make sure they are brushing for longer then a few seconds. I know a big part of it is that they are really picky about the kind of toothpaste they are using, if it’s anything minty at all they don’t like it and will brush for a few seconds and toss the toothbrush back in the drawer.

When we opened our package from Firefly my two year old was the only one home and she was so excited to see a flashing toothbrush she tried so hard to get it out of my hands. However she’s not the one we are worried about not brushing for long enough, she’ll keep her toothbrush in her mouth all day long if we let her.


I decided to let my five year old have this toothbrush and try it out. She was really intrigued by the flashing light at first and was a little worried about having to brush her teeth for such a long time so we started out just showing her how long the light actually flashed before making her brush. At first she kept taking it out of her mouth to see the light but then I showed her that she could brush and see the light in the mirror at the same time she did great! She brushed for the full 60 seconds and didn’t even complain. Of course it’ll be easier if we get her some non-minty toothpaste.

You should definitely go check out the other cute toothbrushes on Firefly’s site-, and the fun activities there, including a downloadable Kid’s Coloring Book, Healthy Teeth Facts, a Kid’s Tooth Quiz and fun games!


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