Saturday, November 13, 2010

Head Chef Kid’s Kitchen Tools {Review}

My little girls are always begging to help out in the kitchen, my five year olds biggest obsession is that she always wants to help her dad peel potatoes when he’s making mashed potatoes but he never really lets her do it very often. Then I discovered Head Chef, they provide unique cooking tools for kids that can definitely make working in the kitchen fun! Along with the set they sent us included a peeler and of course my daughter’s first response was that she wanted to make mashed potatoes! So she finally got her chance tonight to help out my husband. she also brought the large stirring spoon that we received so she could help stir something, she really just wanted to get in there as much as she could.


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My husband is an extremely patient person (definitely more then me) but he told me that he didn’t like the peeler. He said it was definitely cute and fun for decoration in the kitchen but it just didn’t work very well. He mentioned that he wished the peeler area was wider and that they really had a tough time using it on the potatoes. The stirring spoon on the other hand was great! I let my daughter stir for a minute and then ended up using the spoon for the rest of the dinner preparation. Then we used it at the dinner table as our serving spoon and everyone loved it! They were laughing at the little bottom on the spoon. I also liked the suction on it’s feet so that I could put my spoon down and not get the counter dirty.

Each tool is made from 100% food-safe silicone and has bendable arms and legs along with the suction on their feet to allow them to stand upright on the counter.

We also received a child’s spoon (which my two year has loved eating with and especially loves laughing at the little belly button on it), icing spreader, and sifter.

Buy It: These tools can be purchased online at Head Chefs.

Disclosure: This review is based on my own honest unbiased opinion of Head Chefs. I was sent product free of charge from Fiesta Products and Head Chefs  to review but was not compensated monetarily. 


  1. oh my stinkin' heck those are the CUTEST! I'm sad sad sad that the peeler is less than idea because that's the one I (visually) like the most!

    the suction cup feet - brilliant!


  3. A fantastic read….very literate and informative. Many thanks
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