Monday, November 15, 2010

No Gym Required Shoes {Review}

logo copy I dread going to the doctor because they always ask about my exercise habits. How long, what intensity and how often. Does chasing after kids and running them to and fro all day long count? I often feel like I don’t have any extra time in my day to get in a regular exercise routine. Then I heard about No Gym Required Shoes and jumped at the chance to try them! They are weighted shoes that will help you ton and work your core muscles while wearing them. I don’t have time to hit the gym but definitely have enough time to get two kids off to school and back during the day and in between try to get chores and errands done while chasing a two year old around. Wouldn’t you love to be able to burn more calories just by changing your footwear?


About NGR:

Burn up to 50% more calories while toning your legs and butt doing your everyday activities! NGR Shoes are really 2 shoes in 1. They are a regular athletic shoe AND an everyday piece of fitness equipment. The ULTIMATE toning shoe!

Wearing the NGR™ shoes with the weighted set of midsoles provides the wearer with a tangible and straightforward resistance workout and is an easy and effective way to improve fitness! NGR Shoes are designed to provide wearers with the ability to walk naturally and adjust quickly to the weighted platform. The ergonomics of the midsole cradles the foot with superior arch support and comfort!


    • Two Midsoles (One is just a few ounces so you can use the shoe as an everyday cross trainer and the other is a weighted midsole 1.5-2lbs per food depending on shoe size turning the NGR Shoe into a gym on your feet!)
    • Easy Use- get an anytime, anywhere, no excuses, workout.
    • Helps burn up to 50% more calories
    • Strengthen, tone, firm and shape the lower body and core
    • Increase muscle endurance and reduce fatigue over time

I wanted to sit down and watch some T.V. the other night after my kids had gotten in bed and decided to do some step aerobics while watching- why not get some exercise instead of just sitting on the couch. Occasionally I do this but I decided to wear the NGR shoes and my workout felt so much harder then normal and the backs of my calves were burning in the morning, now that’s a good workout to me! I’ve been trying to wear these shoes just about everywhere I go but occasionally I’ll have to switch them out since it's not safe to wear them while driving.

These are definitely an item I’d put on your holiday list to start thinking about New Year’s Resolutions early.

From now through December 1, 2010, NGR will donate $30 of every pair of NGR shoes sold on their website to Breast Cancer research.

Buy It: NGR Shoes can be purchased in both men and women’s styles and sizes along with other workout gear at


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