Monday, November 22, 2010

Santa Paws Blu-Ray + DVD {COUPON}

SearchFor_SantaPawsBlurayCombo sm In  anticipation of the release of THE SEARCH FOR SANTA PAWS we presents you with excerpts from a special Q&A interview with director Robert Vince and producer Anna McRoberts.

Q - After Santa Buddies last year and now The Search for Santa Paws, can we expect an annual holiday-themed Buddies movie?
A - Robert Vince: You never know! All I can say is that you will more than likely see a sequel to Santa Paws (of course, we already have a story in mind).

Q - What was the funniest blooper that happened on set with the dogs and/or kids?
A - Robert Vince: When you work with kids and animals bloopers occur daily. In the dancing scene "I Do Believe In Christmas," the girls were so excited they kept falling off the beds.

Q - What does the "Christmas spirit" mean in your family?
A - Anna McRoberts: Christmas spirit in my family is synonymous with love, family and giving. To us, Christmas is primarily about being together, sharing moments and creating memories. I really do believe in the magic of Christmas, it's a time of year when people open their hearts and this means the possibilities of this magic season are limitless.

Q - That word, MAGIC, is such a tremendous word. You've used it frequently. Do you believe in Christmas Magic?
A - Anna McRoberts: Absolutely, I believe very strongly in the concept of Christmas magic and magic in general. I am also a strong proponent of the idea that "what we believe, we can achieve" which is why I think Christmas is my favorite holiday. It's a time of year that we are all reminded to believe in believing and that when we do, anything can happen!

Q - Can you imagine a world without Santa Clause?
A - Anna McRoberts: No! I cannot imagine a world without Santa Clause which is why we must all continue to believe - the magic of Christmas comes from believing so we all need to believe to keep The North Pole running!!


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