Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Skagen Denmark {Review}


I haven’t worn a watch in many years. The ones I’ve had always seem to bug me or end up falling apart on me. I just haven’t put the money into a good quality watch but I know that I should. I seem to always be digging through my purse trying to find my phone to figure out what time it is but if I had a watch on my wrist it would make things much easier. My husband is one who loves to have nice watches. So when Skagen Denmark offered me a review of their products I was very excited. Skagen Denmark offers beautiful jewelry, sunglasses and watches for both men and women. I love how their watches have both a simple but elegant look with a slight modern flair to them. For review I received the Men’s Titanium with a Multifunction Watch (retail $195) and the Women’s Silver Links with Glitz Watch (retail $125).

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Both watches were beautifully made and you could tell the quality was top notch. The women’s watch had that very simple look with just a touch of sparkle, which is definitely my style. The shiny stainless steel links connect to a slim, round case with a vertically brushed chrome dial. The hands are chrome and the indicators are crystals made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS.

My husband loved the multifunction aspects of the men’s watch which featured the day, date and time. This watch also had a very simple look to it, both are elegant but simple looking enough to be worn with any outfit. The men’s watch was made out of a vertically-brushed titanium link band and round titanium case. The sunray grey dial is layered and features chrome and white luminous indicators and hands, with the trip multifunction.

Skagen Denmark is a great way to get a beautiful looking watch that will stand out but not be ostentatious. Their styles are simple, elegant and trendy at the same time. They have an amazing selection to satisfy all styles for both men and women in both quality and price. Neither my husband or I had to adjust the band on the watches but they have simple easy to follow instructions on their website if you need to do so. Skagen Denmark definitely matches their price to their quality, if you’re looking for a top of the line quality watch with an affordable price to match Skagen Denmark is definitely for you! You can also find watches in their outlet section for as little as $57. Not only are these watches beautiful in design and style and well made but their batteries have a five year lifespan, that’s probably the best I’ve ever ran across and my husband has purchased many nice watches before, so I’m confident that I won’t be heading to the store anytime soon for a new battery.


I also received a pair of their Men’s Brushed Grey Navigator Sunglasses. My husband seems to go through sunglasses like crazy so I was excited for him to have a really nice pair that would last a long time. (As long as we can keep the kids hand’s off of them.) He said they fit very well, were lightweight and comfortable and provided the adequate protection from the sun that his eyes need. (He has blue eyes, which he says are more sensitive to light then my brown ones so he seems to always have a pair of sunglasses on his face.) The sunglasses are made with a superior titanium material, shiny and brushed grey finish with mesh pattern detailing and grey lenses. Features: 100% UV sunray protection, polarized and anti-reflective lenses, polycarbonate lens material, spring hinges with stop function and adjustable nose pads. (These glasses had a tag on them that said $250 but are priced at only $135 on Skagen Denmark’s website.)

Be sure to add Skagen Denmark to your holiday list this year if you are looking for a meaningful gift that’s both a great price and high in quality.


  1. Wow, these look nice! I love the woman's watch!

  2. Thanks for sharing such information. The womens watch looks beautiful in very simple look. The watch looks glorious in shiny stainless steel which connect to a slim round case with a vertically brushed chrome dial. It looks amazing.

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