Monday, December 6, 2010

AboutOne {Review}

aboutone logo copy When it comes to organizational skills I tend to think of myself as pretty organized, however if you took one look at my desk you’d think otherwise, but for me it’s all about having everything on my computer. So as long as everything is on my computer I’m good. I just recently heard of a program called AboutOne that helps you manage all of your important records in one place!

About AboutOne (from their website):

Our goal was to create software that can alleviate the stress our customers feel in their day-to-day lives while preparing them for the future. We wanted something that blended the power of business tools with the fun and ease of entry of our favorite social media apps and didn’t require you to be a technical genius to keep it running. So this is AboutOne: a secure and private web application that would not only replace the file cabinets, books, boxes, multiple web and desktop applications that people use to store personal information, but also lets you reap the benefits (both in time and money) that come when you can put your information to work for you. Let us carry the burden of remembering your information, filling out forms, and making all that information accessible in seconds so you can enjoy your time with your family.

Worried about your information? Don’t be. As active users of our own solution, we take great care to make sure that AboutOne is safe. We do not want our personal information exposed so you can be sure we are watching this carefully. In fact, we use bank-level security and our advisory board has a CISSP approved member. (His job is to review, find holes & redesign security for online banks.)

We also have designed AboutOne so no one, not even a developer, can read your information and we will not sell your information to anyone at any time. We are also audited once a month by a third-party to make sure that we are following EU SafeHarbor standards for privacy.

While I haven’t reviewed each and every feature of AboutOne- as they are constantly updating things I can certainly see with what I have where it will come in handy. I love that I can store information about finances, health records and all emergency contacts all in one safe secure place. To fully take advantage of the features AboutOne has to offer it’s best if you have the latest in technology, ie. scanner, smart phone, etc. because you can send information from your phone to AboutOne while you’re out and on the go and unfortunately I am not so I am not able to use their features to the fullness. However it has started to eliminate the need for me to have notebooks, file folders and papers cluttering my desk.

There are yearly plans options available for purchase at $30 or a monthly plan for $5 a month- you can also try it FREE for 15 days.

Be sure to visit for more information! You can also see more on Facebook and their Blog.


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