Tuesday, December 21, 2010

CSN Stores {Review}

Being a preferred blogger for CSN Stores I am once again brining you a review of another of their great items that I didn’t have to scour the mall to find! I’ve been wanting a pair of boots for the longest time- well actually since February when I was supposed to go out shopping and buy them with my birthday money, but I got busy and just hate taking the kids shopping with me, which is what I usually end up having to do, so I just kept putting it off. Well it seems like I’ve been seeing everyone in boots these last few months and it’s made me really want a pair! I’ve had so many ideas in my head of what features I wanted and kept telling myself I needed to go to the mall and try on a whole bunch of them to really figure it out, but yet that just kept me from doing it because I hate going to the mall. I love shopping, when I have money to spend but I just don’t like the crowds and the frustration of not finding what I want, it just gives me a headache.


Well of course I looked to CSN because they are pretty darn close to a one stop shop for everything- I do wish they had more electronics, and they offer free shipping on their shoes with a great return policy because we all know it’s a little hard to guarantee the perfect shoe when ordering them online. I chose the Adi Designs Women’s Kaki 17 Boots in Black and when my shoes arrived I LOVED them! They are exactly what I wanted the faux suede material, the heel that’s not too low but not super skinny that I know I’ll fall over in and their fitted. I can’t wear them over my jeans (unless I break down and buy skinny jeans- which I will not do) but they are perfect under my boot cut jeans that I love. I even wore them to church on Sunday with a really cute skirt my mom made for me for my birthday- this was supposed to be the outfit I was specifically buying boots for, LOL. Well at least it’s done now! CSN has a huge variety of shoes and other great products. I especially love their search options because they have so many products that you are able to narrow down to exactly what you want, from color to shoe size, material, heel height and type, price range, brand and many other options. AND one of my favorite things about these boots was the price, only $48! I have stepped into a shoe store before and gawked at the high prices of boots but CSN has all options, if you really want to spend a huge chunk of money on boots you can but if you’re like the rest of us who want to be stylish at a great price CSN is the place for you!

Buy It: If you LOVE these boots as much as I do or are just looking for shoes or almost anything you should definitely check out CSN Stores where they have over 200+ stores, hassle free returns and free shipping on just about everything!

Disclosure: This review is based on my honest unbiased opinion of CSN stores. I was sent product free of charge to review but was not compensated monetarily.


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