Thursday, December 9, 2010

Lotus Healing Mat {Review}

banner Do you find yourself overstressed during the holidays? I know that I would love to have a little bit of a stress reliever on a daily basis but during the holidays it gets especially crazy with all the running around and family and friends coming to visit and I definitely don’t have time to hit the spa for a massage pick me up. I was intrigued by the Lotus Healing Mat because my husband has always talked about wanting to try acupuncture for relaxation, he gets horrible migraines with associated neck and back pain and sees a masseuse monthly. 

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About the Lotus Healing Mat:

This innovative breakthrough in holistic healing promotes wellness and relaxation by targeting key pressure points across the back to improve blood flow and circulation. Using the methods of acupressure, the ancient Chinese technique for applying pressure to specific points on the body, the mat’s 6,000 therapeutic points stimulate the nerve endings encouraging the release of endorphins, the body’s natural anti-stress and anti-pain hormone. Each mat is covered with specifically-placed spiked disks resembling the lotus flower, which is said to signify a perfect state of mental health. Hundreds of these disks along the mat create thousands of contact points that quickly improve blood and energy flow to cultivate a sense of complete tranquility. The Lotus Healing Mat’s design principle promotes a positive state of well being by encouraging calmness, healing and relaxation through the body and mind.

Available in five different colors, compact, flexible and high-quality self-nurturing mat can be used by anyone at any time or place. The mat is made of completely environmentally friendly materials, making it absolutely safe and allergy free.

My Thoughts: I was a little scared of the mat at first when I pulled it out of the box but decided to give it a try as I’ll give anything that is said to provide relaxation and a stress relief a try at least once. I laid on the mat for almost ten minutes and then decided to get up. I had a really hard time getting past the fact that it was just a little too uncomfortable for me with all the poky disks that I wasn’t able to relax as I thought I would- well that and I have a really hard time laying flat on my back so that may have played a part into it. When my husband came home we decided to sit down and watch a Christmas movie with the kids and I asked him to try out the mat while we watched the movie. He ended up really liking it! Which is great because originally I thought that it would be very beneficial to him. We also received a neck pillow with our Lotus Healing Mat that has the same principles and properties as the mat and he said he really liked the feeling on his neck, that he felt more relaxed and his normal neck and back pain felt a lot less after using the mat. This is definitely a product we will be keeping in our home for him to use.

Buy It: The Lotus Healing Mat is available online for $29.95

Do you want a discount? Be sure to use the Promo Code #LDISC5B for a $5.00 savings off your entire order.

Disclosure: This review is based on my own honest unbiased opinion of the Lotus Healing Mat. I was sent product free of charge to review but was not compensated monetarily.


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