Sunday, January 16, 2011

Handmade Contessa {Handmade with Love Sponsor}


I’m Dania Padron and Handmade Contessa is my online crafts shop. My creations range from hair accessories such as ponytail holders, bobby pins and hair clips to fabric-accented jewelry and more. As the shop expands, I’ll be adding items like aprons and handbags for little divas-in-training.


To me, being a “handmade contessa” means striving to create crafts with a sophisticated touch. It’s about making handmade items look and feel fun, fresh and fabulous. Boring, frumpy and dumpy crafts are not an option for me. They have to make a statement about the person wearing them, and that statement should be “I love wearing handmade, and I’m proud to show it!”.

As a mother of two very rambunctious boys, I crave creating beautiful, girly crafts as a way of satisfying my need to express my femininity. I hope you’ll enjoy my handmade endeavors as much as I do making them. I think we can all be a “handmade contessa”!

It looks like Handmade Contessa’s Etsy shop doesn’t have anything for sale in it yet but I know she’s been working hard to get it all set up so please help her out and go Favorite or “heart” her Etsy shop to get her a little more traffic, thanks! (You can also check out her blog HERE.)


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