Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Junebell Design- Jewelry {Handmade with Love Sponsor}

lovebutton1[9]When: February 2-6th

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What: Handmade items or gift cards for handmade shops

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Junebell Design- Handcrafted Jewelry:

Hi, my name is Becky and I am the owner and designer for Junebell Design.
I created Junebell Design about a year ago, when a friend introduced me to Etsy.   I had been making jewelry for myself and family for years, but had never found an avenue to sell in, which Etsy filled perfectly.  Currently I am loving freshwater pearls and sterling silver, as well as faceted gemstones.  I also design copper jewelry, hand cut, and created from pure copper sheet metal.  I am always striving to learn new ways of handcrafting jewelry, and hope to expand my horizons even more in the future:)

Check out Junebell’s beautiful handcrafted jewelry at her Etsy shop HERE.



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