Saturday, March 12, 2011

Daylight Savings and a Great New Easter Basket Toy!

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This weekend we’ll be moving our clocks forward an hour on Sunday, March 13th! I’ve never had a bad experience with forgetting to set my clock forward however I do remember not setting it back and showing up to church an hour early, better to err that way then the other in my opinion.

So while you’re resetting all the clocks in your home or office, it’s also the perfect time to change the batteries in all of your smoke detectors! You know I think you’re supposed to change them like every six months to a year (depending on who you ask I think) but it’s not something I usually remember. I must admit that sometimes mine have to start making that beeping noise before I’ll change them. rsk_logo_do_stuff

So while you’re out and about running errands today don’t forget to stop by RadioShack and grab some of those 9V Enercell batteries, a perfect match for most smoke detectors and an inexpensive safeguard against fire risks. Whether it’s a bedside alarm clock or hard-to-find 3V Lithium cell for your garage door opener, RadioShack is your nearby source for almost any power need.


I’m also happy to announce that those cute little HEXBUG Nano toys that I featured a few months ago can now be purchased at your local RadioShack! They sent me this cute little bug that was pink and had bunny ears! Wouldn’t that just make a great Easter basket present?! I opened it in front of my little girls so I can’t use that idea (that and I know they’d fight over who got it). It won’t be available until April 1st however put that on the top of your list to put in your Easter baskets because I know my girls LOVE it and it’s only $4.99! It comes in its own cute little clear egg shell, which would also make it a perfect surprise for an Easter egg hunt. Like other eggs in the Easter basket, you’ll find Nano bunnies in lots of collectible colors. Easter Bunny HEXBUG Nano is available at more than 4,600 RadioShack locations nationwide or at – better hurry though they will only be available for a limited time!

Disclosure: I was sent the products described in this posting free of charge but was not compensated monetarily.

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