Monday, March 7, 2011

Massage Candles {EdenFantasys}

While this post is Family Friendly please use your own judgment when clicking on the links below- ages 18+.

I’m a huge fan of lingerie I think it can make you feel pretty and be fun at the same time. However I’m the kind of person who gets embarrassed just walking into Victoria’s Secret at the mall in fear that someone might see me or shopping for bras in the department store. Luckily EdenFantasys offers extremely discreet packaging with everything they ship for those of you are like me or simply for those who don’t like everyone knowing your business. There are quite a few cute lingerie items that caught my eye but I also like their selection of aromatherapy candles. I’d particularly like to try the Shunga massage candle. I’ve heard of these candles that you heat up and then use as a massage oil to moisturize your skin but haven’t yet had the opportunity to try them. So if you’re interested in adult products or would like to try out the fun looking massage candle I suggested head on over to EdenFantasys.

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

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