Thursday, April 21, 2011

Nutrisystem #NSNation {Week 11}


It’s been an extremely busy week for me and I know my weekend is only going to make it worse schedule wise. I feel like sometimes it’s hard to keep up healthy eating when life gets stressful and crazy. This week in correlation with my Biggest Looser Challenges I’ve been focusing on drinking more water and eating more fruits and vegetables, which all falls inline nicely with Nutrisystem. The water bottle made it super easy as I showed you in my post last week to get lots of water in each day. Well I just received a fun new toy in the mail today that I purchased from Nutrisystem that will help me with my fruit and veggie serving sizes. It’s called the Meal Measure. I will of course report more on this fun new toy next week when I’ve gotten the chance to really try it out but from the looks of it I have a feeling it’s really going to help me gauge portion sizes and as I start to eat regular foods when I get into the maintenance part of my life when I reach my desired goal it will help me gauge how much I should be eating. I think that was probably a problem of mine before I started Nutrisystem. I just wasn’t eating enough food and big enough portion sizes at meals so I’d immediately be hungry afterwards. I know when I first started Nutrisystem I felt like I was eating so much food at dinner, however I now find that my body has adjusted and while I’m eating quite a bit more veggies then I was normally used to I don’t find myself craving unhealthy snacks later on or at different times throughout the day.


So far so good with the weight loss! I’ve been happy with my progress and am starting to see changes in my life. I always knew there was never a quick fix for my weight issue but I’m happy to be doing it a healthy way that I have the confidence I can maintain.

Start Weight: 152.5

Week 1: 148.7 (3.8lb loss)   Week 2: 146.3 (2.4lb loss)

Week 3: 146.1 (0.2lb loss)   Week 4: 145.5 (0.6lb loss)

Week 5: 144.4 (1.1lb loss)   Week 6: 143.9 (0.5lb loss)

Week 7: 142.0 (1.9lb loss)   Week 8: 141.7 (0.3lb loss)

Week 9: 139.6 (2.1lb loss)   Week 10: 138 (1.6lb loss)

Week 11: 137.0 (1lb loss)

Current Weight: 137.0

Goal Weight: 125 – only 12 left to go!

TOTAL LOST: 15.5 lbs.

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Disclosure: Nutrisystem is providing their food and program to me free of charge in exchange for blogging about my experience as part of the Nutrisystem Nation Blogger Program. The opinions are my own and others experiences with Nutrisystem may vary.


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