Thursday, June 2, 2011

Applied Labels {Review}



applied-labels-450x103Looking for a great way to keep track of your things (both your kids and yours) and ensuring that coats, backpacks, lunchboxes and more don’t get mixed up at school and accidently swapped with other children. Then check out Applied Labels!

I love Applied Labels because I have two little girls who are only 16 months apart in age and where very similar sizes in clothing. As the mom I generally know what belongs to which child without looking at the size or asking them but dad is a different story. Whenever I leave him in charge of getting the kids ready for something they always end up with at least one thing on that doesn’t belong to them. My kids aren’t little either 6 and 7 years old so you’d think they would correct him, which often they do but I think they try to get away with wearing things (especially my oldest who has now had her clothes that are too short for her passed down to her sister).

Another great thing about Applied Labels is that they make it easy for my kids to take their things to school. On just about every piece of paper the school sends home at the beginning of the year they reiterate the need for your child to have their name on every single thing they bring to school. I even had a teacher write my daughter’s name on her lunchbox the first week of school this last year.

Or how about those coats that go to church, get hung up in the hallway and someone else walks off with it. This has happened to my mom before because we all have those black pea coats from Costco along with about a million other people at church, so not only would applied labels be great for your kids things but for you too! I keep thinking I need to get a few with my name on them for my coats and especially for my water bottle that I know one of these days I’m going to end up leaving at the gym.

I received two complementary packs of the Classic Applied Labels for each one of my oldest daughters to review.

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Applied Labels are our flagship and most popular product. They’re perfect for labeling everything from bottles, sippies and shoes to school supplies, gadgets, summer camp gear and all those little things that go to early childcare centers. Available with and without icons or with a second line of custom print. Great for grown-ups too!

Ultra Durable & Dishwasher-Safe

Permanent Adhesive & Ink

High Resolution & Perfectly Sized: 1.5” x 0.5”

Lead, DEHP & BPA Free! Award Winning Product!

Click here to see how to apply them to clothing with tags. They are great for coats, sweaters and uniforms with tags. They are not for use on underwear, socks or tagless T-shirts.

While I love the Classic Applied Labels I am definitely IN LOVE with the Shoes Shields! These are the item that we need the most at our house! While I can generally let my girls wear each other’s clothes from time to time I am always confusing what shoes belong to which person, especially because generally my girls have the same shoes and I can never keep the sizes straight.


Applied Labels™ can also be used in shoes.  Apply the name label to the inside, flat heel area of the shoe and press firmly. Shoe labels take a real stomping, so we recommend covering the name label with our clear Shoe Shields™. Center the Shoe Shields™ label over the name label and press firmly.  Super Tough.

It’s that time of year again at school where I’ll be going through the lost and found to check for my children’s items and it’s definitely a huge pain, but next year it’ll be super easy thanks to Applied Labels!

Disclosure: This review is based on my own honest unbiased opinion of Applied Labels. I was sent product free of charge to review but was not compensated monetarily.


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