Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Better World {New Facebook Game}



ToonUpsLogo (2)Typically my kids are the ones sending me invites for games on Facebook so I was thrilled when I heard of A Better World- it made me feel as if I’m not completely behind with the times and was excited to be able to invite them to be my friends, in fact my daughter saw me playing the game and asked for an invite. A Better World is not just another farming game or build your own town type game. A Better World encourages integration between the virtual online world and the ‘real’ world. It encourages its players to complete good deeds during the course of the day so they can come back and record them for game points and rewards. Being able to read others good deeds also encourages the thought process and gives you some great ideas for your own good deeds.     

positive puzzlerThere are 15 different areas in the game for you to explore packed full of fun and positive activities! One of my favorites was the arcade area. Of course being a game I would expect some fun little activities in addition to the moral goodness of the game itself. Some arcade games included, ThreeCycle, Thump-A-Thought, and my favorite game The Positive Puzzler, a fun word puzzle game where you guess the letters and try to figure out the phrase, I would explain that it was a little like Wheel of Fortune without the spinning wheel, however the sooner you solve the puzzle (meaning the less letter help you need) the more rewards you receive! You can also purchase a pair of X-Ray Spex to see all the vowels in the phrase, which can really help you solve the puzzle sooner- meaning more rewards!!

Looking for more information about the game, tutorials or the Department of Do-Gooders, then head over to the Town Hall! You can leave comments, game reviews and find more information here.

clothing boutiqueThe Clothing Boutique, another one of my favorite places, is a shop where you can buy different styles for your character to wear- these styles are a bit more extravagant then the standard ones you can choose for your character at the beginning, including but not limited too such accessories as high heels, boots, glasses, jewelry and more! For many of these items you will need Facebook Credit in your account which you can obtain by buying with your PayPal account or major credit card or earning by completing offers such as Netflix, Groupon or ProFlowers.


Looking for a furry companion? Head on over to Better Pets where you can purchase your pet of choice, including kittens, puppies or one of the exotic choices, like a Rainbow Unicorn or Platypus and everything you might need to take care of them. I was a little disappointed that you can’t use your Do-Good Gold to purchase a pet but rather you are required to purchase Facebook credits. (This is the one downside I have found in A Better World.)

Share your hopes at the Sanctuary of Hope, express your gratitude at Gratitude Grotto and don’t forget to invite your friends to play with you so you can send those hearts from the Heart Stand to show your appreciation.

I love that it’s the kind of game you can spend a few minutes playing and then come back to later. You don’t have to spend a lot of time in the game trying to get to a safe spot to save. This gives you the opportunity to visit A Better World anytime you might have a few minutes to spare throughout the day- which encourages constant positive thinking and encourages multiple good deeds throughout the day. A game that encourages its players to be thinking of others and what we can do to make our real world a better place is a winner in my book and one I would definitely encourage my children and others to play!

I was given the opportunity to share my thoughts and opinions on A Better World. I received a gift card as a thank you for my participation. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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