Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Foley’s Produce {LOCAL- Maple Valley}

I love fresh produce! If you’re local to Maple Valley, WA I’d suggest stopping by Foley’s Produce stand on Maple Valley Hwy near the Food Bank. From my experience they have a great selection of produce and great prices you can always count on! I love that they are open daily and their new summer hours 8am – 8pm make their stand convenient for just about everyone!


For more information you can visit their website www.foleysproduce.com or their Facebook page.

Be sure to sign up for their email list so you can receive a weekly email with pricing changes and specials. Here are a few of the great deals for this week from their email.

English Peas- shelling peas- sweet and tender and freshly picked from Yakima. $1.99/lb.

Yakima Cherries- watch for an email update on Friday- these may be available starting this weekend but will definitely be available by next week!

Yakima Zucchini and Cucumbers- hopefully next week- will keep you posted.

Plums- Red and Black (California) just started! $1.99/lb

Garden/Plant Section:

In case you did not make in over the weekend, I have just received 10 beautiful Wave Petunia Baskets.  I have purple, and two shades of pink available.  They are all loaded with blooms and trailing a good two feet over the sides of the basket.  These Petunia Baskets are priced at $29.95.

All week long leading up to Father’s Day, we will be having all of our Wave Petunia Starts on sale.  All Wave Petunias, any color, will be only $1.49/ea

Foley’s Own Vegetables:

Rhubarb: $2.49/lb

Fresh Cut Mint: 3 stems/$1.00

Yakima/Local Produce:

Asparagus: $1.99/lb

Sugar Snap Peas: $2.99/lb

Snow Peas: $2.99/lb

English Peas: $1.99/lb

Salad Onions: $1.99/bunch

Salad Garlic: $1.99/bunch

Be sure to check out Foley’s Produce full list of produce prices HERE for the week.


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